What's an AEROTRAP®?

AEROTRAP® is a quiet, safe insect attraction system free of zaps and harmful chemicals.


How is AEROTRAP® different from other products on the market?

Our products feature a chemical-free and zap-free design. They do not use electricity to kill insects, so there are no loud zapping noises, burning odors or insect fragments on the floor or ground. There are no propane tanks to replace, as the traps do not use CO2.


How long have products like AEROTRAP® been available for purchase?

Photocatalytic mosquito traps have been available for purchase and home use for the past decade.


Is there a guarantee or warranty?

Yes, our products are guaranteed for up to one year of use.


Are the traps approved for safe use?

Yes, our products feature safety approval from CE, GS, RoHS and ETL.



Is it safe to use outside?

Yes, AEROTRAP® can be used outdoors to control insect populations within a large radius.


Is it safe to use around friends and family?

Yes, AEROTRAP® has only one moving part, and the fan is contained within the unit and emits only a dull hum.


How high off the ground should I place the trap?

We recommend placing the unit three to six feet above the ground for optimal coverage.


How long is the power cord?

The power cord is six and a half feet long.


Can I use it during a rain storm?

We do not recommend leaving the AEROTRAP® outside during rain showers.



How long do the bulbs last?

The bulbs last up to 6,000 hours and can be replaced with ease.


How do I clean the unit?

All units are shipped with a cleaning brush that can be used once the unit has been 1) turned off, 2) disconnected from the power source and 3) properly disassembled according to the operating manual.


How often should I empty the retention cage?

This will vary by climate, season and geography, but you may need to empty the cage every one to three weeks.


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